Digital Hammurabi

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Read about the Digital Hammurabi project at Johns Hopkins here, and learn a little more about cuneiform tablets in the process.


British Museum Babylon Exhibit

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Great link with 3 minute taste of the latest Babylonian exhibit at the British Museum. I think you’ll like it.

Pip, pip, cheerio, Baiba

Page from Oldest New Testament Epistles Collection

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Here is the link to a very interesting page from a very interesting manuscript, P46.  Click on “Full Image” to see it up close.


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I wrote a post earlier on another blog about Beowulf.  It lists some interesting resources for study.  Here.

Pride is the Curse

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The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it.

Woodrow Wilson


In my reflection on the epic of Beowulf I would like to bring up the issue of consequences from being proud and honored after performing good and feat. Even though Beowulf is known for his heroism and unreal strength and power over monsters and other nature forces, his being unbeatable, defeating monsters and saving whole towns from their conquering.  His honor was never ashamed before his pride went out and led the curse of Grendel to be released on the kingdom, of which Beowulf became a new king. His union with Grendel led into a trap, which was entailed in the newly born golden monster that put to danger the entire kingdom. Defeating the monster that was Beowulf’s creation meant the need in sacrifice, which usually happens in case when one’s pride took over and the need in defeating that kind of emotion appeared.


Author pays our attention to the lesson that must be learnt by reader. Once bad emotion like pride or jealousy is led out of the soul a sacrifice must be done in order to be saved from the consequences of these bad emotions. No matter how strong and mighty person is, when consumed by pride and faced with temptation, chances are that he is to tempted to his desires. Sorrow will follow after all damages are done. To regain the honor, sacrifice is needed. But in real life, it doesn’t have to be that way. Usually people do not sacrifice much, but keep their sins till they die, but then they are going to pay and regret for that sin of pride and honor. Anyway sacrificing is to be made at the any point of individual’s journey in different terms and means of paying for what is done. So while you’re not yet in the pit of guilt and shame, keep your integrity to the last moment.

Back to Inferno

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Throughout the ages people tend to admire epics that involve action, complicated plot and variety of different characters. Apart from these kinds of epics Dante’s Inferno consists of no much action, but the horror of different creatures and souls’ suffering made epic the most popular among readers.


The plot of Inferno describes circles of hell, which is the part of underworld and became the base for the funeral procedure for many ages. The description of hell is attractive to many people due to its terrible features and illustrations. Though, also the picture of hell makes people think of their lives as trial period, which is given to them for making choices as they live and than continue their path in a different world bearing the conclusions of these choices in sense of suffering in inferno or smell pleasant aroma of paradise. People are gifted with a right to choose and I think they are the ones who know or assume they know what will happen to them after they die. This feeling of desire to get into a better place after the death is the cause of tolerance in the society, which make the humanity to exist without a set of killing and destruction.


The uniqueness of Dante’s literature is his involvement in the epic’s plot and of different characters well known from the history, his beloved one and teachers in his journey. In hell he met people about whom he cared. He made his epic very realistic and the most valuable piece of literature as many critics admitted.


I cannot acknowledge the Dante’s illustrations being real. Though, I admit that the value of human life is well developed in this epic. Person is gifted a life, in which personal growth has to be achieved in face of God by fulfilling moral virtues. Human life is a valuable gift that allows human spirit to change and develop inorder to get into eternal world free of sins and seductions.

Hell-Expression of Love.

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The question was raised in class:

how would you explain that hell could be an expression of love from God?

I had to think about it for a good while before i could figure out and have my own stand point on this matter and now as i have done i will gladly share with some of my thoughts and insights that i have gotten.

Firstly to begin with i have to say that i definitely agree that hell, indeed, is as an expression of love from God. He has created a place for those who qualify for nothing more than that. I have heard somewhere that God doesn’t hate sinner but the seen he hates.

All those who are not worthy to live in the Kingdom of God in His presence, wouldn’t want to be there in the first place. Because i think they couldn’t stand His glory, and they would have a sense of guilt for what they had done on earth. They would have a clear knowledge of their wrong doings and they would know that they are not worthy to be there.

It is like going to party where you have not been invited too. Or showing up at the party and not have appropriate outfit for it. It still is a great party, but no one would feel comfortable being there.

Everyone is invited but very few are choosen

Who are the chosen ones? Those who keep all the commandants and live that kind of a life that reflects teachings of the Gospel. I don’t think people will be or are forced into Heaven, definitely not by God. It has to be a choice, desire and goal that person makes in order to be and live with God.